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I can’t be more happy. My truck was done the same day with and then he fixed my fuses and thermometer. Trucks is running perfect!! No more check engine and I didn’t lose an arm and a leg lol.
ball joint

At Aloha Automotive Service & Repair in Henderson, we know you’re busy. We also know that while there are certain issues with your car, truck, or SUV you can ignore for a while, some of them shouldn’t wait. While serious issues are often obvious, sometimes they aren’t - ball joints are one such case.

Engine Maintenance

A quality product is only as good as the quality of the installation. You’re dropping some serious money on an engine replacement, on a car that’s worth even more. Aloha Automotive Service & Repair in Henderson, NV is here to make sure you get the quality install you need.

oil being poured into car

At Aloha Automotive Service & Repair in Henderson, NV, we do our best to keep you on the road. A huge part of being able to do that is proper vehicle maintenance; when was the last time you changed your oil?

mechanic working on the suspension of a vehicle on a lift

The steering and suspension systems are key safety-related systems that largely determine your car’s ride and handling. Have these systems checked regularly, at least once a year, and usually with a wheel alignment.

cv axle

You may have heard the term CV axle before in reference to your car but aren’t entirely sure what it means. Here’s your answer, from Aloha Automotive Service & Repair in Henderson, NV, as well as a guide to determining if yours need replacement.


At Aloha Automotive Service & Repair in Henderson, NV, we know that transmissions are witchcraft to most people. More often than not, if major damage has occurred, it’s a lot more time and cost effective to just replace the entire unit and get a fresh start. Here’s what to look out for, from Aloha Automotive Service & Repair in Henderson, NV.

Diagnostic Tablet on engine transmission sensor

Our Henderson drivers have been experiencing issues with their transmissions and there are a few things that we here at Aloha Automotive Service & Repair feel are important to know so that you are more comfortable and confident if you are, indeed experiencing a transmission problem of any kind. First, if you drive a vehicle manufactured in the past few decades, there’s a good chance your transmission has a variety of sensors attached to it which monitors all kinds of things - fluid pressure, vehicle speed, temperature, air intake at the engine, and so on.  The first thing to check is your Transmission Sensor, which is a much more affordable fix than replacing your transmission!

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